Benefits of Detox

benefits of detox

Many addicts and alcoholics seek treatment in some form each year. Many are confused as to whether or not detox is the best option, or if they should commit to a longer term treatment center. Neither option is right or wrong in terms of getting sober, but both depend on a few different variables and factors. It’s up to the addict or alcoholic to decide which is the best method for getting and staying clean and sober.

Most people want to know what is detox like? Detox is usually between five and fourteen days, but may be longer or shorter depending on the severity of the addiction and amount of drugs or alcohol used. Detox is a medical facility usually monitored by a staff of both doctors and nurses as well as technicians whose responsibilities include making sure that each patient is safe during the time where they are coming off or drugs and alcohol. As well as monitoring, each patient is given medication to help with the withdrawal symptoms that occur when drugs and alcohol leave the body of the addict or alcoholic. Detox is usually covered by insurance as it is a medical necessity.

One of the benefits of detox versus treatment is that it’s a shorter duration of stay. For many alcoholics and drug addicts newly getting sober, they may still have obligations such as work or family commitments in which they need to be present for. By going to detox, they allow themselves a chance to be monitored safely while coming off of drugs and alcohol as well as allowing themselves the opportunity to return to life quicker than if they had chosen residential treatment. In conjunction to detox, there are also therapists, psychiatrists, and outpatient rehab centers which allow the patient to continue treatment even though they aren’t living on the premises or what is commonly referred to as in patient.

In addition to being able to attend work and engage in family functions and commitments, detox is a safer place than home methods. Many times, an addict or alcoholic will either attempt to detox under a doctors care at home or through a concoction that they may have thought of themselves. Whatever the reason or method, it’s extremely vital to consider that withdrawal of any type can be dangerous and potentially fatal. Although opiate addicts are commonly told that withdrawal can not kill them, there have been cases where opiate addicts have died from cardiac arrest or seizures when coming off of large amounts of opiates. If you or your loved one is considering detoxing themselves off of any illicit substance or alcohol, please reconsider the options that are available. With free facilities as well as facilities that accept insurance, there aren’t many good reasons to support a do it yourself detox.

By making the decision to go to detox, you or your loved one struggling with an addiction of some sort can have the peace of mind that they’re going to be treated medically in a safe and secure facility. With staff members who more often than not are in recovery with themselves, the addict or alcoholic will be in safe and understanding care. Detox is the first step in a long journey of recovery, but it’s the most important step. If you or your loved one is considering entering a detox facility, please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

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