Going to a Drug Rehab with No Money

drug rehab with no money

In the United States, everything costs money. Unfortunately, addiction treatment is no different. Without money, it can be hard to find the right help that you need to get sober. We have a few suggestions on finding a drug rehab with no money, and ways to get sober without spending a ton of money. Addiction Rehab Blog offers some great options on their page Free Drug Rehab Options.

Expenses of Going to Rehab

Getting help for addiction can be quite costly. Many addiction treatment centers are quite expensive, with some luxury facilities costing over a hundred thousand dollars for a typical stay. Sites like RehabCosts.org offer a peak into the costs of some treatment centers, and it can be rather scary.

The cost associated with treatment for addiction is largely dependent upon the program and its offerings. At luxury treatment centers, you’re paying some for the amenities, location, and extra services. At any treatment center, your money covers the cost of the professional staff, the rent and housing, meals, transportation, doctors visits, medications, and more. Together, these costs can add up to be a lot of money.

State or County Funded Programs

There are many programs which are funded and supported by the state or county in which you live. These programs often offer addiction treatment programs for those without money. Some may completely cover the costs of treatment, while others may have minor costs associated with getting help. This is a great gift to those seeking recovery, and you can likely find a state-funded facility somewhere near you who is willing to help.

SAMHSA’s Behavioral Health Treatment Locator is a wonderful tool for finding free and low-cost government-funded treatment options. It’s database is extensive, covering all 50 states and offering many options.

Free Addiction TreatmentFaith-Based Programs

There are also faith-based programs that offer free options for treatment. There are Christian facilities, Jewish facilities, and many other faith-based treatment centers. If you have an existing faith, this may be a great option for you. Perhaps one of the most well-known faith based program for people without money is the Salvation Army, a Christian-based addiction treatment program that does not cost any money.


There are facilities offering treatment for addiction that offer scholarship and award programs. Although the beds may be limited and opportunities few and far between, it is worth a try. If you show you are willing to make a change and desperate for help, some facilities will give you free treatment for a period. This can be enough to get sober, get your feet back on the ground, and hopefully move forward with a sober life.

Getting Insurance

Health insurance can be a big, confusing mess. There are many types of insurance for addiction treatment, and you can likely find a plan that will cover most or all of treatment costs. Rather than paying tens of thousands of dollars for help, you can pay a few hundred a month for your insurance premium and receive help. It may be best to talk to a treatment center and/or an insurance broker to make sure the plan you are picking will work to cover the costs of treatment.

Support Groups

Although this absolutely is not the same as an addiction treatment program, this is a great option. There are many recovery support groups out there like twelve-step programs, SMART Recovery, therapy groups, and more. A support group can be a great way to find recovery and learn how to live sober. These support groups offer a community and program to help you move forward and learn to cope with life without drugs and alcohol.

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