Medical Detox in San Diego

Detoxify SD is proud to provide top-level care to those struggling with addiction. At our detox facilities, our residents are treated with the most current methods of addiction treatment. With medical doctors, nurses, and 24-hour staff present, our intention is to make sure each and every resident is completely safe and cared for during this difficult period. In addition to physically detoxifying the body of all substances, we provide group therapy, one-on-one therapy, the opportunity to spend time outdoors on our property, and to engage with a community of people seeking recovery as well.

Admitting to a detoxification facility is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your recovery. At a medical detox facility, you’ll be cared for through the process of cleansing your mind and body. Chefs will cook healthy and delicious meals for you to help give the body the nutrition it needs through the detox process. With our doctors and nurses, your pain will be minimized, creating the most ideal circumstances for detox possible. Although detox is generally uncomfortable, we utilize the latest knowledge to make sure it is as comfortable as possible for you.

Although we are a freestanding detox facility, we have many great connections with top facilities in Southern California. Whether you are interested in residential treatment, sober living, or outpatient treatment, we can help you find a facility that will work with your individual situation and your insurance benefits. Detox is a great step that we are grateful to have the opportunity to provide, but proper aftercare can help ensure a healthy road to recovery.

You can CONTACT US via our contact form, call us at (619) 832-1126, or use our INSURANCE VERIFICATION FORM to verify your insurance benefits today.